Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lunch Outside The Waiting Room

My sister and I left the corner suite (our name for the area where we live in the waiting room) today and walked two blocks to a local restaurant for lunch. It's the first time I've been outdoors since last Saturday. The sunshine felt good on my bare arms and the top of my head and the walk was not far enough to cause a sweat. Jackson is a pretty town, quite hilly, and full of really nice people who all speak and smile when you pass. We ate on the screen porch of the little restaurant - we split an appetizer of falafel and sister had a beef and cheese wrap and I had a gyro, both had sweet tea. We talked and ate and watched people, actually relaxing for an hour out in the world where people still live their daily lives as if the waiting room didn't exist. With bellies full, we walked back to the hospital, spent a little time in the hospital gift shop, then rode the elevator back to the waiting room. It's been quiet there the past few days. Although the SICU is full of patients, it seems the families must live locally since only the two of us plus one other lady has been spending the night for the past 5 nights. In the corner suite we can see out the window to the street that runs behind the hospital where cars pass and people walk to the parking lot, part of The Outside. For as long as we are here during our "shift" (for me, a week at a time), the corner suite is our home and what happens out there is pretty much unknown. We rarely even watch TV. It's a surreal existence but it's ours.


firstlightofdawn said...

Not many people have what it takes for that surreal existence. They just don't. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you do.

TravelingMermaid said...

That's sweet of you to say, Dawn. You just do what ya gotta do. :)