Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ferns stand at attention

catching the rain. I walk to the back door from time to time to breathe in the scent of the spring rain and see the glistening effect it has on all the fresh new greenery in the yard. The sword ferns catch my eye the most because they are standing even taller than usual, reaching for the moisture. These plants were wee sprigs three years ago when I stole harvested them from the grounds of a abandoned building. They like their home here under the magnolia tree where they're admired and appreciated. In the background you can see a bit of the brick pavers we've installed over the barren, shady part of the yard. I love it. No more muddy paw prints in the house when it rains now.

It appears I'll spend my day listening to the rain fall, reading and sipping coffee. I could do worse.


Martin said...

They're adding a patch of tranquility to your garden and harmonise well with the palm tree.

TravelingMermaid said...

Thanks! I'm really happy with how the garden and pathway is coming along. I post more pics soon.

termite said...

lovely. can you imagine if there were no green?
makes me sad to even thing abou it.