Friday, March 02, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Monkees

I'm not gonna lie. I wasn't a big fan of The Monkees and I never had a poster of Davy Jones on my wall as a kid (or an adult, for that matter). Oh, I heard their music on the radio but I never bought a 78 or LP - I veered more toward Motown than feel-good pop, although I like feel-good pop too. The Monkees were an icon of the '70's, though, like The Brady Bunch. See, here's a pic of Davy and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia together. I rarely watched The Brady Bunch when it was a big hit on TV either - I preferred The Mary Tyler Moore Show - but I kinda got into The Brady Bunch through old reruns in the '80's.

I'm sorry Davy died of a massive heart attack this week. I'm mostly sorry because it's another '70's icon that's left this life and that makes me feel temporary. I don't like feeling temporary even though I think I can say I'm not afraid to die. I think. I mean, I've always looked at death as a part of life, a part of the natural order of things. I don't get panicky when I realize I'm growing older at an increasingly rapid rate (it seems) because death still seems to be a long way in the future. But, ya know, ya never know. Do ya, Davy? RIP.

Here's a video of a song by The Monkees that I never heard before the day he died. Someone posted it somewhere. I like the mermaids in it.
Mermaids are cool.


Dambala - Jason B. Berry said...

Loved him. He made my life happier.

sussah said...

I hated hearing that Davy Jones died. Sometimes you don't even know which ones of these people you really cared for, till they announce they're gone, whatever age they are, or you are, sometimes you just have a strong feeling for someone. For Davy, yes he represented a specific time in the past for me. But in addition to that, how sweet he was.