Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Don't Cajole

I do some of my best thinking in the shower which is really inconvenient because I want to write down my thoughts and it's pretty much impossible when you're wet from head to toe and shampoo is running down your face.

Tonight I was thinking about a little problem I'm having and how it could be resolved. The problem with the problem is that the resolution would probably be my having to cajole...again. I don't cajole. I'm not a bossy person and I'm not a person who likes to cajole, remind or otherwise babysit another person. I don't nag. I don't cheerlead. That kind of behaviour is just not in my DNA. I never wanted to be a "team leader" or someone's boss and I was never good at it because I expect people to be grown-ups (unless they're not) and do what they're supposed to do, do what they agreed to do.  I don't like someone looking over my shoulder or asking me if I've done something yet or reminding me I'm supposed to do something next week so I suppose that's why I don't like having to do it for/to others. 

When it finally gets down to the nut cutting and I HAVE to say something I don't usually do it in a good way. I can be blunt and not terribly diplomatic (imagine! A southern girl not diplomatic! My western roots, I suppose.) and then I feel badly and worry that I've hurt the other person's feelings. If only the other person would have done what they agreed to do I wouldn't have been put in the position of being blunt and undiplomatic. Sigh. Then again, I wonder why (some) people can't receive a plain, simple statement or question without all the frou-frou of cutesy jokey-talk. I'm not good at jokey-talk as in making a little joke of what you have to say to make it not sound so....confrontational. Why is it that so many people think you're being confrontational if you don't use the jokey-talk when you're just being straight up. Personally, I like to know when someone is being serious with me instead of trying to figure out if they're just joking.

Well, all of this meandering isn't getting my problem solved. Frankly, I'm tired of thinking about it and it being a recurring issue. It might just be time to eliminate the source altogether. Truthfully, it's only my ego that keeps me from doing it and, if I'm blunt with myself (ha!), I know the source will not be missed at all. And I'll have one less thing to be responsible for.


Glenn Meche said...


Traveling Mermaid said...

I know I'm being cryptic. It's the other blog. I control everything yet I control nothing. I think the best thing to do is just leave it up but not do anything more with it myself. It's supposed to be fun and it's just not anymore.
See? Nothing of any real consequence - just a hangnail kinda thang. :)

Glenn Meche said...

Oh, honey, a hangnail on the wrong person's pinky has led to the occasional mass slaughter!

Traveling Mermaid said...

Hahaha! I swear, Glenn, you are so damn cool.