Sunday, July 02, 2006


Todays selection of art is by artist Adam Farrington from Farrington Smith Gallery in New Orleans.

I've chosen to showcase 3 sculptures from Adam's Farringtown series, which was inspired after Katrina. Parts of the sculptures were created with found objects -- I'm all for the concept of re-using and recycling. Society has become way too throw-away the old and consume,consume,consume....

This art is good for the environment and a good creative lesson for kids in addition to being beautiful. I took the liberty of copy & pasting Amy Farrington's narrative about this amazing series.

Music accompaniment in the sidebar is Buckwheat Zydeco & Dwight Yokum.

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"Adam’s series of houses made out of old enameled bathtubs and with wings that flap make up an imaginary place called Farringtown. After the flooding in New Orleans, Farringtown came into being shortly after we got our electricity turned back on and Adam was able to weld again. Here’s his statement of purpose for Farringtown: “If you’re always fighting fire with fire and then life hands you lemons, so you make some lemonade, but then you find out that your city is inside a bathtub, you should probably have a house made out of a bathtub. Farringtown is an unique community of utmost consideration!”

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Scott likes to break it down for people by saying these are the houses for the new New Orleans: they are up on piers, are made out of bathtubs so they are waterproof, and if all else fails (including the levees), they have wings to get you out of here. The legs of the houses are made out of bolts and other various metal parts
from old, rotted piers on the Mississippi. Adam likes to go rowing around in his flatboat collecting these off the banks of the river sometimes. So between those and the old metal bathtub walls of the house, they have a good bit of history built into them. "

Next I selected two paintings. I chose animals because I am a passionate observer of animal life and I love Adam's interpretation. The colors are exquisite and he captures so well the graceful movement of each animal.

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Katrina and the Zoo is my favorite. I love the swirling turqouise, green and yellow (my fav colors!) background technique with animal, fish and fowl represented. Great piece!
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Again, the background has so much movement and compliments the strength of the bull beautifully.
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How cool is this red rabbit! He looks like he's leaping at warp speed.

The Farrington Smith Gallery is at 2514 St.Claude Ave, NOLA (504) 942-8600
With all of the restoring and rebuilding going on in NOLA, please consider visiting Adam's gallery for your art. Our local small businesses need our support!



        Amy Farrington said...

        Thanks, TravelingMermaid, for the great post and all the nice things you said. Really glad you enjoyed the art!

        We are still working on our new gallery space, but will have Saturday hours by August. The phone's working, though!

        - Amy Farrington

        Ray in Austin said...

        Those houses are awesome. I want one!

        TravelingMermaid said...

        It's my pleasure,Amy. I plan to pay ya'all a visit when you have Sat hours.
        Ray, I'm sure the Farrington's will be happy to oblige!

        Dangle 24-7 said...

        My wife loves folk art. (I guess the sculptures are folk art) But the paintings - not only do they appear 3 dimensional they seem almost animated if you sit back, relax and stare.

        Check out the painting on Miss Farrington's website
        and the topic dated 6/23.